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Top 10 Job Interview Questions for Engineering

Everybody knows about IES or Indian Engineering Services . Every Engineer’s family members expecting to him about becoming an IES. I don’t know about Our Engineering Students , what they want to become ,As a Photographer , entrepreneur , blogger or a H4ck3r but they need to work hard to full fill their engineering job interview question and answers

Now i am talking about a common job Interview and about a job interview questions. What is Interview , Why is Interview These are the Escaped topics here , whom we already talk in previous Posts.

Now time to discuss some Common job Interview questions. Which can change your life & Some day it will be a time then you realize the importance of these Job interview Questions .

Because Every Exam have a very hard part that is interview , so Prepare for your Interview in advanced is mandatory .

Here are the Top Common job Interview Questions that will help you to deface IES Interview or Any Other job Interview As well as your Other HR Interviews:


Q1. Tell me about Yourself .

Ans: This is a Very common question & It will be asked to you in your all job interviews as first question.So Easily reply in short and simple toned volume & Mention your academics things and never say about your village or anything like this , they don’t want your origin . They only want a person who will profitable to their company.

Q2. Why should we hire You ?

Ans : Simply reply and Mention things which full-filling the requirement of Recruiter (Prepare for this question in advance on basis of you recruiter ). Never try to compare yourself with others like : i am the most intelligent in class and have max percentile etc. It will work like poison in your Job interview.

Q3. What are your  Weakness and Strength.

Ans: Here First mention your Strength and you best skills & your strengths that you achieves in your academics. Now time to show your weak points . Never give your weak points directly , make a hip-hop roll & don’t give them straight.

Ex: Some times it will become very tough to say No for people, either I want to say No.

Q4. Tell Me about your experience.

Ans: If you are a fresher  Easily Say No & if you have any experience so tell them about your previous jobs.

Q5. What’s  overall career objectives ? And where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

Ans: Mention your goal & Objectives . It’s an simple straight forward question. Be Honest about this question .  It shows your ambitions and your work strategy.

Q6. Name 3 Negative and Positive Qualities of yours.

Ans: Be prepare your some Positive Qualities on professinality . And also reply some negative qualities with a circular way.Don’t try to make them fool and answering like that I have a bad habit of drinking as like tell them something qualitative like

Ex: i feel jealous when i found someone to growing over me and then i always try to deface him on my skill and work basis.

Q7. Tell about ur greatest success in using the principles of logic to solve an engineering problem.

Ans: Pick any real incident which you solved the problem and answer honestly .


Enjoy !!!

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