Know Android Basic terms


1) Flashing –

it means installing software

2) ROM – 

The package of the entire system for your phone.

3) Bloatware –

These are Unnecessary apps added by Companies to Stock ROMs.

4) Deodex –

all android system apps come with additional .odex files. Deodexing means packing these odex files into the app. This is mainly done because deodexing makes it easy to modify the apk also theming becomes easier.

5) EXT4 –

A type of Linux system partition like FAT32 or NTFS in windows.

6) Brick  –

The condition of your phone when it becomes a Paperweight or just a useless brick ! There are two types of brick conditions-

Hard brick  means the phone cannot be recovered and needs to be taken to the service centre.

Soft brick means your phone will reboot or will be stuck at the boot screen. This can mostly be recovered by re flashing your Firmware again.

7) Bootloop –

Your phone will not start on booting and will continuously boot to the Logo

8) Rooting – 

‘Rooting’ means getting Superuser access to your phone. This means that Rooting will provide access to the System files and the core components of the OS. You can Root your phone by using Tools like SuperOneClickRoot , Z4Root. This happens in just one click and is very easy !

Rooting can provide you with a lot of benefits like ability to flash a Custom ROM, a Custom Kernel, Theme, system level modifications. You can also install apps which require Root access such as Root Explorer, Font Changer,Chainfire 3D, Faster Fix and lots more. Rooting will generally not cause any problem if you do it correctly !

P.S: Rooting voids your warranty !

However you can Un-root and

reclaim your warranty so no need

to worry  !

9) Firmware –

A firmware package is usually called Stock ROM or the ROM released officially by the Company. This can usually be flashed to your device by using the software provided by the Company or another third party odin (for samsung), Flashtool (for Sony)

10) Custom ROM –

A Custom ROM is a modified version of the Operating System System. A Custom ROM comes with lots of features implemented by the developers. Custom ROMS come pre- rooted, Deodexed,Zipalligned.etc. They also come pre-installed with useful apps. Custom ROMs are usually high on Benchmark Scores since devs usually add many tweaks and performance improvements. However read a lot and flash Custom ROMs specific to your device and Firmware or you will end up with a bricked phone.

11) Kernel – 

Kernels are something more deep into the System. The Kernel is a Bridge between the Hardware and Software of your phone. Without a Kernel the device will not boot. For eg. When you receive a message

the system sends a message to the kernel and the kernel lights up the notification LED. The kernel is also

responsible for the turning on of your screen and also controls the CPU clock Rate i.e the frequency or

speed of your CPU. When the phone is idle and not in use the Kernel puts the Phone in Deep Sleep mode. Messing with Kernel components can result in undesirable problems is you don’t know what you are doing.

12) Custom Kernel –

A Custom Kernel is a Kernel developed by a developer which may include many improvements and features. It may also support Overclocking your phone i.e running your phone at a higher clock frequency. It may also have more CPU Governors and IOSchedulers. Custom Kernels may also come with a Custom Recovery and EXT4 support.However do some reading before flashing a Custom kernel.

13) OverClocking –

Overclocking means running your phone at a higher frequency than Stock. However you need to flash a Kernel which supports overclocking for this. Apps like Set CPU and No Frills CPU (Both require Root access) can be used to alter CPU speeds.


Overclocking can help you run games which lag on your device smoothly. Also it can give you some good speed and zippyness when required.


Higher CPU speeds may need more power and can cause battery drain. It can also cause your phone to get

heated and can fry up internal components.

15) Bootloader –

A boot loader is rather the part of your system that boots up the device. It is however contained in a separate Partition. If your boot loader gets corrupt or if you flash the boot loader of another phone you will be hard bricked and your phone wont even boot. Boot loader loads up the Kernel which then loads up the ROM.

Some devices come with boot loader locked by companies. This rules out flashing Custom ROMs ! Yes the best thing is to never mess around with the boot loader because only the service centre will be able to help

you then.

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