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Is Site is legit or Scam Full review

Is adfocus is fake /scame?
Is this site is legit ?

Here is the full review about and answer to thousand of people who searching for truth about

Q 1. Is adfocus is really paying or Its a fake site or Scam to make people fool ?

Ans : There is no doubt about adfocus , Its policies are Clear and Its really paying to its publishers.
I have my self tested it and Here is a proof of my paypel account money sending by Mr. Ryan Pennington. payment review

Q2. What about Red Flag warning ?

And : In normal ways Adfocus neglecting Invalid clicks Done by Own with Proxy servers like Vpns or using a proxy and Autobots , but If you cross their Limit and Making clicks on links with illigle ways as written in their Privacy policy , so your account will be red flagged and Now can request a support ticket for review request of your account.

Q3. Support Not anwering / Not responding.

Ans : Yes ! you are extremly write , they have only few no of people so they are unable to read all the requests.
You are Lucky , if you got your reply withing 2 weeks from support.

Q4. What to do If my Account got red flage warning ?

Ans : make a support ticket to their support ticket system and Don’t forgot to contact on their forum –

Q5. Is it possible to become rich with ?

Ans : I think its not possible . You need to work with Google Adsense to Make Money in large amount with your website.

Q6 . How to make maximum money with ?

Ans : As their CPC page , If you are able to derive a Huge traffic from US / UK , You will be paid maximum , Its about 10$ per 1000 USA Clicks.


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