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Is Adfly is legit or Scam or safe ? Full review

Is adfly is fake /scame?adf-ly-thumnail

Is this site is legit ?

Is Adfly is Really paying ?

These are some common questions when you searching for a URL shortning service and Choose Adfly as your target. Adfly is a Url Shortner and revenue Sharing service which will share revenue for sharing links.Its also providing custome domain service , which allowing you to shrink links on your Own domain.

Many to People choosing Adfly to make Money with their website
Here is the full review about and answer to thousand of people who searching for truth about And Who searching for Is Adfly is legit or it is Scame

Q 1. Is adfly is really paying or Its a fake site & Scam to making people fool ?

Ans : There is no doubt about adfly , Its policies are Clear and Its really paying to its publishers.
I have tested it Myself and Here is a proof of my paypal account of money sending by .

adfly payment proof image

Q2 Is There possible to become rich with ?

Ans : I think its not possible . You need to work with Google Adsense to Make Money in large amount with your website.

Q3 How to make maximum money with

Ans : As their CPC page , If you are able to derive a Huge traffic from US / UK , You will be paid maximum , Its about 7$ per 1000 USA Clicks.

Q4 Is Adfly is SEO Safe ?

Ans: Yes ! don’t worry it will not effect your SEO .

Q5. What to Do when Adfly is blocked by goverment (blocked in some countries include INDIA ) ?

And You can Just Easily Change your Shrinked URL from “Http” To “Https” . So it will work normally because HTTPS or a site have a Secure Socket Layer can easily bypass their firewall restrictions and still they have not blocked and SSL Inclusive site.

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