How to Hard Reset / Restore Defaults on Android device

CAUTION : Before restoring your phone to factory default settings please take a backup of your  necessary files of your phone because you will lose all your data. Remove your Memory Chip and Sim card. Check the battery status , It should not be Low.

To reset your android phone Now have the two methods :

1. When Phone is in Unlock Status

This way you can use most times found some issue’s resolve on your phone. To reset your android phone dial


 and donot power off the phone, It will reset your phone default factory settings and automatically reboot it. You can use this way Only If “keypad is Enabled” .

2. When Phone Is in Locked Status

Sometimes can’t use keypad, long times using wrong patten on your patten lock, lock your phone. Then press

Volume up Key + Power button + Home button 

for 30 second.

Now you can see recovery mode menu of your phone. You can move menu option using volume up down key and select options using home key. Now select factory rest option. Will reset your phone default factory settings and reboot it.

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