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How to Found Theme name of Any WordPress Blog

I have found this question Many of Comment Boxes from newbies that “Sir would you please tell me Which theme you are using ?” And Some admin tell them answers to visitors & Some Admin cruelly Says “Fuck Off !” .

So i have decided to write an Article on this problem on “Shout Me Loud“.

It’s very simple and Can be Easily done With many tools available but i Prefer to Manually found the theme name , IT didn’t take More than 10 sec.

By Using Source Code method

First of All find your target & Start Theme Hunting

Let i have 2 %Random% target [ & ].

Start BackTracking Now.


1. Open Home page of Your Target .

Home Page of TargetEd Website


2. Press Ctrl + U for Open the sources of Page.

Now Search for




3.And the Next word infront of Themes is Your Theme Name.

4.Now Easily Search on Goolge for Theme name and Found Its origin.

Thats All!

By Using a Tool

Here is also some tools that can work fast and easy in just a click and they give you WordPress theme name and Some to its detected plugings in just single click. Using a tool is easy and you can investigate about your comptitor in just one click .

Here is a Website that give you “WordPress theme name” of any site in just single click.


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