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How to automatically send fb birthday wishes for friends

Sometimes we feel regret as i forget to wish Happy Birthday to someone special to us but today I am going to tell you the best way by which you can send automatic Birthday Wishes For Friends on Facebook.

I promise you will never regret that you have missed wishing friend on his birthday.

It often happened with me that I was too busy (either due to exams or other reasons) and forget to send Birthday wishes on Facebook to my friend.

But now it has become the thing of past for me.

You can also send automatic Birthday wishes on Facebook after following these instructions.


Steps to Send Automatic Facebook Birthday wishes for friends :

  • First of all you need to Login to your account as usual.
  • Now open the app “birthdayFB”.


  • Now Connect your Facebook account with this app by clicking on “Connect with facebook” on the Right Top corner .


  • Now Allow Access to your fb account for app by clicking two time Allow for app.
  • Now You can see the names of your friends , whoes birthday is Upcoming.
  • Now, Easily Schedule a message that you want to send on the Birthdays of those Facebook friends.



  • You can edit the preferences such as setting the time at which your friend will receive your Birthday wish automatically(i.e. the time at which the scheduled Birthday wish will be posted),your e-mail update frequency (i.e. for reminders).
  • If for some reason (which you’ll never feel) you decide to stop using “birthdayFB” then you can also delete your account from this preferences menu.


This is how you can become tension free and can send automatic birthday wishes on facebook.

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