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how to post in multiple facebook groups at once

Here is a perfect script to auto post to facebook groups at once with easily a simple code.

There is also an another method called Posting to facebook by email , It works by selecting email of all gruops and send the mail post all of them at once.

But this method working on Console code that will work like a charm and it will automatically post in all your subscribed facebook groups.

facebook group auto posting trick

By this simple tutorial, you can post to all facebook groups with a single click . There are many fb groups those you have joined, If you share one by one it consume your lot of time , So if you have for example 15 groups its 30 minutes for this and using this tricks you can do in less than 1 minute by auto posting facebook group script.

auto post to facebook groups free.


Follow these Simple Steps to auto post multiple facebook groups at once :

  • Simply Login to your Facebook account.
  • Goto facebook HomePage or Press Here .
  • Open the Console Box in Your Browser [ Google Chrome or Morzila Firefox ].

Google Chrome user press F12 or Ctrl+Shift+J to open Console Box
Mozilla Firefox uers Press Ctrl+Shift+K to open Console Box.

  • Now Click Here to open script code or Click Here to Download the Script Codes.
  • Copy the Code with Ctrl+C . Finally press Ctrl+V to paste into console box & Hit Enter
  •  NOw final Step , Write  your post in the box appears and press the POST button.


Yepee !! You have Done, You Have Successfully Posted Into All Groups.


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