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How to Check Own Mobile Number USSD Codes {*Latest}

How to check my mobile Number is really a Great problem if you forget whats your SIM card’s number is.It’s really a common problem with Many users they always forget their mobile number & then ask others for their own mobile number.But Here’s the problem ends. I have a way to check your mobile number without calling, and its pretty easy then others.


Here you can check these operator’s my own mobile number :
  • Aircel
  • Airtel
  • Reliance GSM / Reliance CDMA
  • Vodafone
  • Telenor
  • Idea
  • BSNL

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How to Check my Airtel Mobile Number ?

check airtel number

If you are a Airtel user or subscriber , this heading is only for you. Airtel users can easily check their mobile number by dialing a simple USSD code on their can check your number without even call to anybody.


That’s all folks for Airtel customers. These all above codes are perfectly working to Check Self Number in Airtel Phone or Sim card. You can easily check your own phone number by using all these codes for Airtel.


How to Check my Reliance GSM CDMA mobile / Phone / Sim number ?

check reliance number

Reliance is the cheapest network provider in india region. You could probably have a bunch of Reliance SIM cards. So it’s quite a difficult job to remember all these phone number & If you forget any of your number , then you are a dead man 😀 . But , wait ! Dont worry i have an idea. Now can easily check your Reliance mobile phone’s number with a single USSD code very easily & smoothly.

Just Dial this number on your keypad and press call 😀


Ok! that’ all for Reliance users . You can use this code in any area. Now you can check your Reliance Mobile phone or SIM card’s number easily or check your own phone number on reliance.


How to Check my Aircel mobile phone / Sim card’s number?

check aircel number

Aircel is the top growing Cellular operator in INDIA region . I have a Aircel sim card too. Services of Aircel are quit satisfactory , but i can’t say them good. Here are the options to check own mobile number in Aircel phone –


On Aircel press *133# & then choose 2 works well in every region. If it doesn’t work for you , please Let us know to help you. It’s the easiest way check own number in Aircel without call and using a simple ussd code.


How to check my BSNL mobile phone / Sim card’s number ?

check bsnl number

Great , You have chosen BSNL as your operator. BSNL is a sort of tough work because it’s operated by Government of INDIA. If you call their customer care service , they won’t tell you your own number :'( How Sad! here are some Premium USSD codes to Check BSNL mobile phone or sim card number –


Try these all & Please let me know too. This is really kind of weird but BSNL is really sucks. I used *1# personally and got all the other codes from a Documentation file on Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Website. So it is the easiest way to check BSNL mobile phone or sim card number without calling to customer care using ussd codes.


How to check my Idea mobile phone / Sim card’s number  ?

check my own ideal number

using Idea mobile phone ?

Good ! but forget your own number is a problem. But we are here to help you a single ussd code will figure out your this problem in instant. Just dial any of these below given USSD phone codes & get your way to find your idea mobile phone number.


that all for checking Idea sim or mobile phone number easily and free.


How to check my Vodafone mobile phone / Sim card’s number ?

what is my vodafone mobile number

Are you a vodafone user ? Obviously Yes! That’s why you reading all this article. So here is the deal , You can dial any of these ussd codes to uncover your own mobile number on vodafone network.


All codes are checked and verified by me. But if You still getting trouble to find your own sim or mobile phone number of vodafone sim , please feel free to comment below.


How to check my own Docomo / TATA indicome Mobile phone / Sim card’s number ?

what is my docomo mobile number

It’s the fact that only a few people using docomo as their service operator . But it’ not the matter of concern to me. Here is way to check your docomo mobile number using ussd code or in other way by using these codes you can check your own docomo mobile number.


getting any trouble to find your docomo sim card number then feel free to comment below.


How to Check my own Videocon mobile phone / sim card’s number ?

what is my videocon mobile number

Videocon isn’t the cool stuff . Please leave it as soon as possible. But for now i can help you to figure your problem out.

Here is the way a USSD code to find your own Videocon mobile phone number –



How to check my Telenor mobile phone / Sim card’s number ?

what is my telenor mobile number

just use this code to check you telenor phone number easily.



What to do if any of these USSD codes stuff doesn’t work for me ?

LOL 😀 Interesting! There is only few % of cases where nothing work for you. Then you don’t need to lie down 🙂

1st Way -T&C  You have little bit balance in your phone . So , what are you waiting for dial any of your friend’s phone number & problem solved.

2nd Way – first goto a reseller , next purchase a rs 10 recharge coupon , then Recharge your phone & now 1st way.


If still in Problem 🙁

Just Dial 198

on your phone 😀 . It’s for customer care executive for all Operators , Talk to the man & Verify your identity & Ask for your own number. I hope you enjoyed the article on How to check my own mobile phone number if i forget.

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