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Top 5 Best Cydia Tweaks iOS9 2016 {*Latest}

Now when iOS 9 is officially released & you aren’t primitive so you might be thinking about to tweak something on your iPhone or iPad. You can’t hide away from popular Cydia tweaks list 2016; Now, this time, all popular best free Cydia tweaks are updated & ready to use for Latest iOS9 operating system of Apple Inc.

If you still not used any of best Cydia Tweaks for your phone then the only obstruction is only you, you have to grow up & test something new with creativity. Jailbreak tweak isn’t going to kill you; It will just make your life easier & creative with plenty of new features & tweaks.
These all best Cydia tweaks are totally ideal & compatible for iOS9 & These free cydia apps will never harm your iOS device.

Here is a prologue of some best Cydia tweaks iOS 9. The thing is all these Cydia tweaks are much more than that I am explaining here, you just have to give them a chance. I hope you will surely love these all top 5 Cydia tweaks iOS9 free.

FutureLock – Cydia Tweaks iOS 9

Users of iOS are finding the basic iOS lock screen very unsatisfactory because it is so minimalistic and plain looking. Very few of them stop to consider that there may be a good reason behind this design but nevertheless the iOS lock screen does appear slightly out dated and it does not have a whole lot of useful widgets. This is exactly where the FutureLock tweak comes in because it allows you to add widgets for a whole range of things such as calendar, weather and future notifications. By using this tweak a person can go directly to a specific notification which has been created. Cydia has really succeeded in providing iOS users with fresh and innovative ways to significantly optimize their handsets. Cydia is an ongoing development process that is frequently introducing fresh ideas for iOS handsets.


Forcy – Cydia Tweaks iOS 9

Another very handy Cydia tweak is known asForcy. Many people is very happy with the latest 3D touch in the iPhone 6 and therefore they may be reluctant to upgrade their devices but they do not need to worry because there is a viable solution. By simply using the popular Cydia tweak known as Forcy you can have the same experience with an exceptional 3D touch feature and iOS users will be happy to learn that Forcy can currently be used on any iOS devise which has been jailbroken.


iCleaner – Cydia Tweaks iOS 9

There is a whole range of third-party software programs that is very often better than the software which is provided with top range devices. This is also the case with iCleaner which iOS users has found to be very helpful especially when iOS devices seems to be slowing down.iCleaner can then be used to scan your iPhone or iPad and it is able to find unnecessary files and it also provides the user with the option to delete those files when necessary. Even data of as much as 1 GB can be deleted which should provide users with an accurate idea of how powerful this amazing tool really is. If you desire a very smooth iPhone or iPad performance then you simply must have iCleaner.

BetterShutDown – Cydia Tweaks iOS9

Most users of smartphones are fully aware of the fact that sometimes you are left with no other option but to shut down your device. This can be a problem in iOS devices because there is no default reboot option in iOS and everyone knows that when the lock/power button is pressed you are presented with a Slide to Power Off option. There after you have to wait very patiently for the devise to actually switch off and only then can you press the power button in order to have the devise switched on. Everyone knows this can take a substantial amount of time and this is why the BetterShutDown tweak is simply a better option because it adds a new menu to your iOS device which is shown when you press the power button. This provides the user with several options such as Reboot,Respring,Power Off and other safe mode options all of which provides you with easy shutdown options for your device.


TranslateMe – Cydia Tweaks iOS9

Having an on board translation program can really be very useful because sometimes the information can only be obtained from a website which has been written in a different language. However with TranslateMe this is no longer a big deal because the TranslateMe tweak makes all translation tasks amazingly easy because you simply select the text which needs to be translated after which a translation option window will appear which will allow you to translate that text in the language of your choice.


Final Words on Best iOS9 Cydia Tweaks –

I hope you will try at least one of these on your iOS 9 device, And I’m pretty sure, you will come back here & try all of these. So these all best top 5 Cydia tweaks iOS9 are my favorite & highly rated, but if you find something better, please comment below to give it a voice.

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