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Monthly Archives: July 2014


Check Phone Quality with IMEI number [ *#06# ]

All of you have a SmartPhone and you are always trying to compare phone quality with its brand(SAMSUNG , NOKIA , MICROMAX ,APPLE etc) but did you ever think , there are many other factors that makes the quality of your mobile phone. Here i will tell you How to check Quality of cell-phone with [...]

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Brazing Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs] Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the Best Branch of Engineering (LOL its selfish decision bcz i am in Mechanical Engineering) . I fight many viva s and Interviews then i realise . There are some related questions that are frequently asked to me in all viva;s  and some of them are not leave me from 1st sem [...]

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How to Recharge BSNL prepaid Online with official Website

Now BSNL opened Official portal to BSNL online recharge , BSNL portal also allow to submit your landline bills  and recharge bsnl prepaid with 100% secure and easy ways. Either you can recharge your BSNL mobile from many other sources like Recharge it Now , Easy Recharge , paytm but Its a beneficial deal to recharge [...]

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Free unlimited recharge Tricks & Offers

If you want a free mobile recharge @ a little effort then you are on the right place . Today i will show you some best trick to make money with own SmartPhone. It's very easy and you need to do nothing just put your hand on your phone and enjoy ! Now you can [...]

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Top 10 Job Interview Questions for Engineering

Everybody knows about IES or Indian Engineering Services . Every Engineer's family members expecting to him about becoming an IES. I don't know about Our Engineering Students , what they want to become ,As a Photographer , entrepreneur , blogger or a H4ck3r but they need to work hard to full fill their dreams. Now i [...]

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how to post in multiple facebook groups at once

Here is a perfect script to auto post to facebook groups at once with easily a simple code. There is also an another method called Posting to facebook by email , It works by selecting email of all gruops and send the mail post all of them at once. But this method working on Console code that will [...]

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Top 5 Highest paying URL shortner

Are You Searching for a  highest paying url shorteners ? And a Best URL shortner ? if you are searching for a legit and real paying URL shotrner service and you are on right place. A  lists of all Top 5 online highest paying url shorteners . Here the list of  best url shortners is given in [...]

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Is Site is legit or Scam Full review

Is adfocus is fake /scame? Is this site is legit ? Here is the full review about and answer to thousand of people who searching for truth about Q 1. Is adfocus is really paying or Its a fake site or Scam to make people fool ? Ans : There is no doubt about [...]

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